Annie Oakley

18 January 2023
When Heritage Manufacturing released the stunning Rough Rider Annie Oakley special commemorative edition, it was paying respect to one of the most prolific and memorable timeless icons of America. Dubbed “the little sure shot of the wild west” by Sitting Bull, Annie Oakley was a world class shooter who excelled in both marksmanship and showmansh...
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How the Modern Shooter Meets the Wild West

Keeping alive a tradition born of the American wild west is just one of the ways Heritage Manufacturing has delivered an unmatched shooting experience with their line of revolve...
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Jesse James

The Heritage Icons line of firearms is inspired by the timelessness of the west we all aspire to. The legends that came to be through acts of heroism, courage, and moral upstand...
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Wyatt Earp

There are few wild west icons as timeless as the gunslinging lawman and notorious gambler who became the legend named Wyatt Earp. Known for his fabled life and the shootout at t...
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