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Rancher Carbine Series

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The gun that won the frontier enters a modern era.

Don’t learn the hard way, the right tool for the job will let you rule the ranch no matter what you're facing down. The Rough Rider® Rancher™ revolving carbine delivers performance and portability you haven't seen in all your born days.
When it gets rough out there, the Heritage Rancher™ carbine has your back a comfortable to carry leather strap and adjustable buckhorn sights that allow for quick and clear target sighting. Manufactured in the USA with a walnut stock and chambered in the reliable .22 LR with a 16” barrel, the Rough Rider® Rancher™ carbine shoots as slick as a whistle every single time.
Timeless efficiency and undeniable American style combine to make the Rancher™ carbine a firearm perfect for every shooter, without having to empty your pockets to experience. Whether strapped to a saddle or slung over your shoulder, it’s the right tool that you can depend on. Cowboys, lawmen, and even a few outlaws of the wild west all agree.