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Shipments & Returns

We require that all firearms must be shipped, prepaid, to our Bainbridge Georgia factory for repair. All firearms must be accompanied by a WORK ORDER. Before you ship, it is important to ensure that the firearm is unloaded, and the chamber is cleared. DO NOT EVER SHIP A LOADED GUN OR AMMUNITION. If for some reason you absolutely must ship ammunition, it is to be shipped separately and noted on your work order. Whenever possible, ship the firearm in its original box or an otherwise appropriate box.

HERITAGE MANUFACTURING, INC. reserves the right to field strip, inspect and function test all firearms sent to HERITAGE MANUFACTURING, INC. upon receipt or anytime thereafter. Customers will be provided an estimate for repair if such repair is not covered under the Repair Policy.

Your firearm will be completely inspected by our Service Department, and the problem(s) specified in your letter will be evaluated by our trained staff. If the work needed is not covered under the terms of any applicable warranty, you will be given an actual cost quote, not an estimate. All repair work must be authorized by you, and we will not perform any work without your approval.

Our Service Department will give your firearm a complete inspection, and evaluate the problem(s) specified in your letter. If the work required is not covered under the terms of our Warranty (when applicable) you will receive an actual cost quotation, not an estimate. Any repair work must be authorized by you, and no work will be done without your expressed approval.

Please follow these suggestions to expedite service in the United States of America to return any firearm to us for adjustment, repair or replacement.

  1. Federal law permits you to return your firearm to the manufacturer for service via common carriers. However, state and local firearms laws vary greatly; you should consult your local prosecuting attorney regarding any restrictive laws in your jurisdiction regarding your shipment or receipt of firearms.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: It may not be legal for us to return your firearm or magazines to you.
    With the above in mind, it is strongly recommended that any firearm sent to us for repair be sent through a Federally licensed dealer and that you consult with local law enforcement where you live before shipping a firearm or magazines to us.
  2. All firearms must be shipped to us prepaid. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT COLLECT SHIPMENTS.
  3. Regarding the return of firearms to you; because of Federal, State and local laws, and the interaction of those laws in different parts of the U.S., the following is the policy of the Company. This policy cannot be altered in individual cases because the Company cannot know all the facts and circumstances in a particular case or jurisdiction. The Company sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience caused by this return policy, but the Company is attempting to safeguard the customer’s property and rights:
    1. Repaired Firearms will be returned to the same address they were shipped from unless the Company learns that the ship-from address is a location where firearms are prohibited. If the shipped-from address is a prohibited location, the repaired firearm will not be shipped until an FFL is nominated to receive the repaired firearm for the owner.
    2. Replacement Firearms will be sent to an FFL nominated by the owner of the firearm.
  4. Be sure to enclose a letter stating your name, address and telephone number, serial number, caliber and barrel length of your firearm. Also state nature of trouble experienced or work required. Merely stating defective or repair as necessary is inadequate information. Be specific and enclose copies of any previous correspondence. Work (other than warranty repair) will bear minimum labor charge of $ 35.00.
  5. FIREARMS MUST BE SHIPPED UNLOADED. Double check the chamber of your firearm before shipping. If firearms are sent to Heritage Mfg. in a loaded condition, we are required by law to notify the Federal authorities.
  6. DO NOT include telescopic sights; custom grips, holsters, or other accessories with any firearm shipped to us. Aftermarket items may be removed and may not be returned in the event a replacement part or firearm is needed.

Ship your UNLOADED Heritage handgun to:

Heritage Manufacturing, Inc.
Attention: Warranty Service Center
100 Taurus Way
Bainbridge, Georgia 39817

If you are unsure of our shipping or return policies, please Contact us, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.