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About Heritage Manufacturing

Heritage Manufacturing Co.

At Heritage Manufacturing®, we connect the rich culture of American shooting to modern-day precision and quality of manufacturing, preserving a legacy for generations to come. The unrivaled firearms with an enduring classic appeal offered by Heritage embrace the contemporary western feel with efficiency that does more than just tell the story of the old Wild West, it shows you with every shot. Inspired by the icons of the American frontier and brought to life to exceed the expectations of today’s shooter, Heritage understands the importance of craftsmanship, attention to detail, and why affordable simply doesn’t mean the same as cheap. With a focus on the next generation, Heritage Manufacturing® carries the torch of a tradition worthy of being passed on, showcasing a timeless design that is guaranteed to restore the good old-fashioned fun of shooting.

The next chapter in the best of the American wild west is alive today at Heritage Manufacturing®. From the legendary Rough Rider® to the ace in the hole Barkeep ™ rimfire revolvers, and the gun that won the frontier with the Rough Rider® Rancher™ revolving carbine, Heritage firearms stand the test of time as a testament to the legacy that defines who we are.