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How the Modern Shooter Meets the Wild West

Keeping alive a tradition born of the American wild west is just one of the ways Heritage Manufacturing has delivered an unmatched shooting experience with their line of revolvers and carbines. A commitment to authenticity has provided Heritage with an unmistakable advantage, and it’s this timelessness that each firearm delivers with every shot. The story of the single-action six shooter revolver is one that has been written for over 150 years and continues today even outside the firearm industry in our favorite entertainment for new shooters. From putting the real deal in your hands to watching shootouts on the big screen and more, it’s a gun that simply isn’t going anywhere.

Keeping A Culture Alive

Today, the American frontier and the wheel guns that won it are taking center stage in new movies, television, and even novels that aim to continue keeping the spirit alive in our modern culture. As a genre, it is alive and well. Just this year, there have been celebrated releases featuring the perfect high noon shootouts for today’s shooter. The film Dead for a Dollar starring Christoph Waltz and Willam Defoe following a gunslinging bounty hunter kept the wild west on the big screen this past year, while Amazon’s latest hit series The English featuring Emily Blunt gave a striking depiction on how anyone can wield a firearm with training, even in the west.

The spirit of the American frontier as a cultural phenomenon can’t just exist on its own. It’s carried with it in the legacy of those continuing the traditions today. While Hollywood has always found a role in the prominence of the western genre through shootouts on screen, it isn’t the only entertainment continuing such a legacy. From recent novelists like John Deacon and his Silent Justice series to comic book hits like Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips Pulp, the wild west gunslinging action is in full effect for modern shooters everywhere you look. And for good reason.

A Symbol of Heritage

It really does all come down to just a single word: heritage. It’s who we are and the history of who we once were. We look towards our future by celebrating and learning from the past, from modern shooters just getting started to the already-skilled professionals. The wheel gun itself may just be a tool for the cowboys, lawmen, and outlaws of their time but it’s also a symbol for the ongoing heritage that we all continue to aspire to today. Not just new shooters or fans of western entertainment, but those who embrace the heritage from the moment they pull their boots on in the morning until they kick them off late at night. Entertainment is a reflection of ourselves, and in the greatest westerns filled with six-shooter fueled justice we are able to see those traditions live on.

It doesn’t take long to notice all the different movies, television series, books, comics, and more keeping the cultural impact of the wild west thriving. These aren’t just rooted in the enduring popularity of the revolver either, but also act as extensions of our connection to a heritage defined by timeless ideals. Whether you are watching Netflix’s The Harder They Fall or listening to Legends of the Old West podcast every week, you can be sure of two things — there’s always a lesson to be learned from what happens when the clock strikes high noon.

A Shared Connection

No matter what, you will always find a shared connection in these tales with the iconic wheel gun. In every medium from screen to paper, it’s the symbol of innovation and American ingenuity, the tool of progress and justice, and a trophy of trailblazing opportunity. It’s not only one of the most enduring emblems of the American frontier, but also one of the most prominent in the modern world today. The revolver is today’s daily carry for protection, the sportsman’s go-to for impressing any crowd, and the enthusiast’s prized possession in any collection. All while being the most beloved symbol of the west in entertainment that we all look towards when it’s time to kick back and relax.

It’s all too common to hear the same recommendations from the golden age of western film from John Wayne to Clint Eastwood, and while they are classics for a reason, it’s important to remember the cultural impact of the American west is every bit as alive today as it’s ever been. The passion for tradition and the dedication to authenticity is still giving us new classics every year for modern shooters to enjoy, some being their first time to experience the wild west. And it isn’t only happening in entertainment. Heritage Manufacturing is unmatched in their passion and dedication to providing a genuine shooting experience with their line of revolvers and carbines, delivering a vital piece of what it means to keep the spirit of the west truly alive today.

A Heritage for Everyone

Simply put, it’s always a good idea to enjoy the hardships and treasures of the American frontier, and as you can see, you won’t be hard pressed for choices today. But when you’re ready to relive the experience, there’s no better way to put yourself in their boots than to see what shooting a classic single-action six shooter is like for yourself. That’s where Heritage comes in, giving shooters everywhere the perfect way to put the history of America’s most iconic firearm in their hand with unrivaled efficiency, keeping the story of the west alive for the next generation to discover.

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