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Barkeep Series

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Your ace in the hole pulled right out of the Old West.

Never have the deck stacked against you again with the Heritage Barkeep™. This compact carry revolver packs a punch with a flair inspired by the greatest gunslingers and cowboys alike.
The single-action Barkeep™ features unmatched concealability and fixed open sights for fast action and rapid sight acquisition right when you need it. Chambered in the reliable .22 LR with an optional interchangeable .22 WMR cylinder, this revolver is designed with every detail in mind to make it the right choice for every shooter. Manufactured in the USA with the familiar operation and quality construction of the iconic Rough Rider™ series, the Barkeep™ delivers western style with American form and function.
Be quicker on the draw and even save your coin with the extraordinary performance, value and practicality of the Heritage Barkeep™. From pulling up a chair to hitting the trail, it’s the gun that has proved it’s worth time and time again. Discover a legend born of the west by those who knew to always sit with your back against the wall, and put the Barkeep™ in your hand today.