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Answers to the most frequently asked questions about our products, purchasing and servicing details.


Can I purchase a Revolver directly from Heritage Manufacturing?
No. Your revolver must be registered. You can go to your favorite dealer and if they do not have one in stock they can order it for you. If you do not know of a dealer near you, go to our Dealer Locator section and pick a few and call them. These are dealers that we know carry our Rough Riders and can quickly get product for you.
How do I clean my Heritage Leather Belt or Holster?
We suggest using a product called Neatsfoot Oil which will clean and condition your leather. Always follow the directions on the product. Heritage is not responsible for anything that may happen to your Leather.
Is the Rough Rider imported?
Absolutely not. It is 100% American Made!


Can I change my Fixed Sight revolver to an Adjustable Sight revolver?
No, because the Rear Sight requires precision measurements, milling and pinning. It is more cost effective to purchase a New Adjustable Sight Rough Rider than to change your existing Fixed Sight Rough Rider. If you attempt to do this on your own, you will void your warranty and more importantly, you could weaken the structural integrity of your frame.
Can I change my Rough Rider barrel to a different size barrel?
No, because your Rough Rider was registered to you with a certain barrel length and serial number. BATF maintains this information and it cannot be altered. If a barrel length is changed, then a new serial number and new registration must follow. This is a lengthy and costly procedure. We do not sell Barrels and Frames to consumers or dealers.
Can I use a 9 shot cylinder in my 6 shot Rough Rider?
No – the 9 shot cylinder is specifically made for the 9 shot Rough Rider – it will fit, but it will not work – the cylinder, cylinder hand and hammer are different.
How can I tell the difference between a 22 WMR and 22 LR ?
The magnum cylinder has a smooth exterior and a .22 WMR rollstamp on it, while the long rifle cylinder has 6 flutes on the exterior.
How do I adjust my Adjustable Sight Rough Rider?
RIGHT: Will turn the sight clockwise and down. LEFT: Will turn the sight counterclockwise and up. Easy steps for hitting your target: 1 – Carefully aim your firearm at a target that is large enough, and close enough to see where the firearm’s point of impact is located. 2 – Fire three shots to figure an average point of impact. 3 – To move the impact, you must move the rear sight in the direction you want the bullet to move. If you want to move the impact to the right move the REAR SIGHT TO THE RIGHT. 4 – If you need to lower the impact, move the REAR SIGHT LOWER. The amount of the change of the impact is determined by the length of sight radius. The longer the barrel the smaller the movement per click. 5 – After moving your sights, fire 3 or more shots and see where your shots impact. 6 – Adjust the sights again to fine tune your point of impact. 7 – If you wish to now sight in a longer range, move your target out and shoot again. Move your sights to the point of impact. 8 – Adjustment of the sights is simple and very accurate. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN THE ADJUSTMENT SCREWS. If you use too much force, you will damage the adjustment screw, causing the sight to not work properly.
How do I adjust the point of aim on my Big Bore Rough Rider (.357, 44-40, .45) calibers?
Please be aware that your revolver is deliberately designed to shoot low at most distances. In order to raise your point of impact, either hold your revolver over your point of aim or very slightly file down the front sight. Use extreme CAUTION when filing the front sight as too much filing could raise your point of impact. This condition CAN NOT be corrected if you over file your sight. So please be careful.
How do I clean the Silver Satin finish on my Rough Rider?
Ask your sporting arms dealer or we suggest using a product called Gun Scrubber by Birchwood Casey. Just do not leave it on too long as it can damage the finish . Heritage is not responsible for any damage to your revolver.
How do I install a Fiber on my Adjustable Sight Rough Rider?
Thread end of Fiber into one side or the other. Then gently bend to thread thru the other side. Nip off the ends with a small a pair of cutters (craft cutters work great), then quickly burn the ends of the fiber to make it secure and brighter.
My Big Bore Locks Up, what do I do?
Please be sure that your base pin is fully inserted into the frame of your revolver. The base pin needs to be fully engaged into the locked position. Failure to do so will result in the transfer bar hitting the back side of the fire pin thereby causing your firearm to lock up. When you insert your base pin, you will feel the base pin lock nut reset itself within the groove of the base pin. If the base pin is not fully inserted as described above, your revolver can jam.
What ammunition can I use with my Rough Rider 22 Combo Revolver?
With your 22 LR cylinder: 22 LR, Long, Short, shot and CB. With your 22 Mag cylinder : 22 WMR


How do I order parts for my firearm?
Just refer to our Parts list, choose the part and order it online via our Secure Order Form. All parts are shipped via UPS two business days after your parts order is received. You may either order on-line with your Credit Card via our Secure Order Form or You may place your order by phone at 800-327-3776 or fax 305-624-1126.
We do not accept COD orders.
How do I send in my firearm for repair?

Return to: Heritage Manufacturing, Inc. Attn: Warranty Service Center
100 Taurus Way
Bainbridge, GA 39817

There are four options you can select to return your firearm for warranty work: 1 – U.S. Postal Priority Mail (can only be used if you are a FFL holder) 2 – UPS Next Day Air (800-742-5877) 3 – Federal Express Priority (800-463-3339) 4 – If you are looking for fast, no-hassle service then call us at (305) 685-5966 and we will provide a shipping label for a discounted rate of $50.00.

If your firearm is out of warranty, we will call you after our initial inspection or send you an estimate showing you what we found. Additional charges may apply for bench fees and/or parts. Please call us before sending in your firearm. Some things can be easily taken care of over the phone.

Return your firearm UNLOADED with its original box (if available). Then place it in another box and wrap it with BROWN PAPER. Any type of box will do as long as you place your firearm inside a strong and secure box and be sure to enclose the following inside your box 1 – Copy of the sales receipt 2 – A brief note explaining the problem 3 – Your name, physical street address (no PO Box please) and phone number

How long does it take to get my repair work performed?
As soon as your repair is received, all necessary work will be performed immediately. It will also be test fired and checked as to functionality and safety. It normally takes four to six weeks to repair your firearm.
What is the warranty policy?
One year from the date of purchase by the original owner. See Rough Riders Owner’s Manual for further details.


What is your Return / Refund / Exchange Policy?
We appreciate your business and are confident that you’ll be pleased with your order. However, if you are unhappy for any reason, please return your order directly to us within 20 days of receipt of the order. A copy of your Invoice receipt along with a brief note stating why you are returning/exchanging the item must be enclosed. All items must be unused and in it’s original package. No damaged or altered goods will be accepted. All refunds or exchanges will occur within 7-10 working days from receipt of goods. Shipping and handling will not be refunded. If you need to exchange a Leather Good, on your Invoice receipt, write a quick note stating what size you need. There will be a $5.00 re-shipping charge. We can use your credit card on file or you can send a money order with the goods.
When will my order be shipped?
All orders will be shipped within 10 days of receipt of your order. We will notify you in the event we are unable to ship your order and you will not be charged.

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